Tai is one of the two protagonists of the series and is a Chinese Chi Wizard.
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Age Edit

He is 17 years old.

Eye Colour Edit


Hair Colour Edit


Family Edit

Mother, Father, Uncle, Cousins, Siblings, Aunt, Grandfather, Grandmother (All Deceased), Mighty Mutanimals [Adopted Family]

Powers and Abilities Edit

He was trained by Zantou to become both a sorcerer and fighter, later he also poses Chinese magical powers as well as weapons, he later finds out that his Chinese Magic is the only thing that can keep him from changing from the Chi and make him touch the Chinese Talismans, the Chinese Talismans has the power as Zantou's Japanese Talismans, but the Demon Chi is what gives him his power, each Chi has a different power: but found in different objects, but there is a side effect to anyone who uses them for example: If Tai poses them for good he cannot change and only uses their power but for Ho Chan who is evil he can transform into the Demon by their Chi:

  • Wind: Fan
  • Water: Gord
  • Earth: Flower
  • Moon: Lotus Pod
  • Sky: Flute
  • Thunder: Castanets
  • Mountain: Drums
  • Fire: Sword

History Edit

His family was killed when Ho Chan was freed from the Dagger from the Purple Dragons, later during the Kraang Invasion he was found and raised by the Mighty Mutanimals and was later trained by Zantou.

Personality Edit

He had low self esteem because he had no special abilities like the Mutanimals but later when he training Magic and became like Zantou.

Team Edit

Mighty Mutanimals, Ninja Turtles.

Height Edit

Same height as Zantou.

Appearance Edit

When in puplic he wears a black jacket with jeans.

Voice Actor Edit

Quinton Joseph Flynn

Relationships Edit

  • Slash: has a father/son relationship with him and when Slash was kidnapped by the Foot and overheard Ho Chan's plan with Tai he became furious and told him to leave the boy out of it and it seems Slash never told Tai about his past.
  • Leatherhead: has a brother relationship with him and care about each other.
  • Dr Rockwell: Has a brother relationship with him and he would often teaches him about science.
  • Pete: Acts like a little brother to him and often gets on his nerves.
  • Zantou: Has a student/Teacher relationship with him but more friendlier and brother like.
  • Ho Chan: Deeply hates him because he was the one who killed his family.
  • Shredder: Barley interact
  • Leonardo: Barley interact
  • Donatello: Barley interact
  • Michelangelo: Barley interact
  • Karai: Barely Interact
  • Rahzar: Barley Interact
  • April: Barley interact
  • Casey: Barley interact
  • Splinter: Barley Interact
  • Tiger Claw: Barley Interact
  • Fishface: Barley interact

Spell Chant Edit

Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao
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